What is Dabbing?


An Overview Guide to Dabbing CBD


What is dabbing? Yes, it’s a highly popular dance but the word often arises with cannabis too. In this overview and guide we discuss what dabbing is, how to take a dab, what CBD products you can dab, and more.


What Is Dabbing?


Dabbing is a way to consume CBD Concentrate products (otherwise known as CBD Dabs) through flash vaporization with the user then inhaling the concentrated CBD vapor. Recently the popularity of dabs has drastically risen and new products have emerged to help making dabbing easier than ever before.


How do you dab CBD?


Dabbing CBD begins with selecting the correct product and a product that is intended for dabbing or vaporization. These products include 99% Pure CBD Isolate, CBD Wax, and blends of CBD Isolate with Terpenes known as Terpsolate, CBD Shatter or CBD Sauce. These products are highly concentrated and allow users to ingest higher mg of CBD in small amounts. CBD Isolate is also pure CBD that has been isolated by itself as a single cannabinoid and void of any plant materials.


Once you have selected your CBD product for dabbing you then need your equipment including a Nail, Dab Rig or CBD Wax Pen. Depending on the setup chosen a torch, carb cab, or other items may be needed. The surface is heated with either the torch or electronically and then the CBD is applied to the hot surface to create the vapor that is inhaled. You may also want to pick up a dabber which is a small tool useful to manipulate, pick up and apply the CBD.

What CBD products can you dab?


CBD Isolate


There are a few types of CBD Concentrate products that can be dabbed. For many, the first and most popular is 99% Pure CBD Isolate Slab. The slab is an easier medium to manipulate than the powder and virtually created for dabbing itself. That being said, CBD Isolate Powder is also very easy to vape depending on the setup, say you have a bucket on your dab rig or a donut coil on your electronic pen.



CBD Wax or Raw CBD Dabs is the solidified form of pure CBD hemp oil concentrate. That’s it! CBD Wax can come as either full-spectrum or broad spectrum depending on the final process used and offers the complete profile of the hemp plant including a range of cannabinoids, naturally occurring terpenes like CBG, THC, CBDA, amino acids and more.

CBD Shatter, Terpsolate, & Sauce


CBD Isolate + Terpenes is also an extremely popular style of dabbable CBD. These products can be called Terpsolate, Shatter, or Sauce and contain 99% Pure CBD Isolate infused with a terpene profile blend, often strain inspired or strain specific to popular cannabis strains. The addition of terpenes infuses a flavor along with a range of additional benefits depending on the terpene profile itself and their unique qualities.

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