This Week in CBD News – 9/16/17

The CBD industry is ever changing. Each week, CBD Oil Solutions puts together abstracts and links to ten recent this week in CBD news stories making headlines that are relevant to our industry.

Indiana Veterans Advocate For CBD

Indiana already allows CBD to be prescribed for epilepsy. Now a group of United States military veterans are asking for support. A Republican Representative from Indiana is preparing a medical marijuana law. At CBD Oil Solutions, we feel that the veterans needs are one of our industry and country’s highest priorities.

Advocates with the group called “Hoosier Veterans for Medical Cannabis” say allowing veterans to have medical marijuana would end up saving lives. “We’re not all just trying to do this so we can all smoke joints and go be happy somewhere and hide out in the woods,” says Army Veteran, Jimmy Giordano.

New Chattanooga, Tennessee Based CBD Retail Store Opens

Grass Roots, a cannabis focused store, opens in the fourth-largest Tennessee city. Store owner Elisha Millan lost four friends in two years to opioid abuse and witnessed the ways lives were changed through CBD Oil she vowed to open a store and help others heal with hemp.

The store sells a variety of CBD products in a range of dosages and methods of ingestion including gummy bears, patches, drink additives, lubricants, gels for pets and extracts for vaporizers.

Huffington Post Covers Hemp and Why It Won’t Get You High

Mainstream media coverage of CBD and Hemp is always good. The Huffington Post lead heard with their headline using both the words hemp and getting high and then also early in the article mention the stigma between hemp and marijuana, and how so many can’t get over the difference. This is again a big issue for CBD and CBD products derived from hemp.

Marijuana is federally illegal and will continue to be in many states. Hemp is NOT. While some marijuana brands talk of “high CBD,” the true, healing potential exists in the LEGAL Hemp CBD products that exist on the market today and sites like CBD Oil Solutions.

Denver Post Runs Great Editorial Urging President Trump and Congress to Give Hemp Farmers a Break

There are lots of opinions on politics. Always have been, always will be. However, some issues hit home more than others. The regulations that the hemp industry continues to face affects all of us. People are being restricted access to CBD Oil in many states through confusion. Manufacturers are still hesitant to include hemp in their products because of the questions around.

Rural America was campaigned hard during this presidential election. That includes the often forgotten hemp farmer. Things like denied bank accounts, denied crop insurance, and more plague hemp farmers. Problems that do not exist for those of other crops.

Inaugural Vermont Hemp Fest Hosts Thriving Hemp Industry Entrepreneurs

Vermont is as progressive as they come. No surprise they have their own Hemp festival. Some of the state’s finest hemp-derived products were on display at the first ever event. Attendees, exhibiors and organizers alike said the event above and exceeded all expectations. Over 20 vendors were featured at the event.

From cannabis oil extractors to hemp cultivators, web designers focusing on the hemp industry and hemp-fiber apparel the event featured a diverse mix celebrating the wonderful plant.

Cannabis Oil Is Beauty’s Hottest New Ingredient

CBD likely won’t be taking over New York Fashion Week anytime soon. You probably won’t see it being endorsed by a Jenner or Kardashian on the runways of Milan, either, but theFasionSpot outlines some CBD Oil products busting into the beauty space and how cannabidiol is becoming one of the hottest trends in beauty, skin care and basic health and wellness.

Unfortunately, the article incorrectly mentions legality. Hemp CBD skin care and beauty products are 100% legan in all 50 states. One of our favorites is CBDistillery’s CBDefine CBD Skin Cream.

Austin, Texas Company To Soon Begin Growing, Producing Hemp and CBD Products in Texas

Keep Austin Weird. That’s what they say, and looks like what they will get. This conservative state is ushering in CBD Oil sooner than many expected. The move comes in response to Texas Governor Greg Abbot’s signed 2015 measure the Texas Compassion Use Act.

The law allows for the sale of oils with low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive element in marijuana, and high levels of cannabidiol (CBD), a non-euphoric component known to treat epilepsy and other chronic medical conditions. The Compassionate Use Act tasked the Texas Department of Public Safety with licensing at least three dispensing organizations by Sept. 1, 2017. Two weeks after that deadline, only one dispensary has received final approval. Two other dispensaries — Surterra Texas and Compassionate Cultivation — are still “under review for statutory compliance,” according to DPS spokesman Tom Vinger.

Republican Utah Senator Speaks On Need For CBD Research To Potentially Save Lives

Each week big news comes out, but it seems more and more the trends are positive than negative. This week, Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), the senior member and former Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, spoke on the Utah Senate floor about removing bureaucratic red tape to allow researchers to study the potential benefits of CBD as a safe medical treatment for a wide-range of diseases and disorders.

His speech on the floor included a personal reference, “In many cases, the compounds found in cannabis are the only hope for Americans who suffer from chronic medical conditions, such as severe epilepsy. Take the difficult case of a young man from Eagle Mountain, Utah, who suffers from a number of different epileptic disorders and developmental ailments. My friend regularly takes 17 pills on a daily basis, yet continues to have seizures regularly. The current treatment for his condition, with no guarantee of success, would be invasive brain surgery.”

United States Department of Agriculture Certifies Organic Farmer’s Hemp Crop

Certified Organic is not an easy certification to achieve but Haleigh’s Hope out of South Park, Colorado announced this week that they received USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Organic Certification for its hemp crop at both farm locations in Colorado.

It was just over a year ago in August of 2016 that the USDA announced that it will allow organic certification for hemp crops grown in compliance with Section 7606 of the 2014 USDA Farm Bill.

Famous Actress Olivia Newton-John Using CBD Oil During Breast Cancer Battle

Olivia Newton-John, most famously known for her role in the 1978 classic film Grease. Newton-John has been in remission from the cancer for nearly 25 years, but recently announced that the disease has returned. She mentioned that she has been undergoing a variety of various treatments including mainstream medical treatments to alternative medicine, including CBD Oil.



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