Avida Chilled Fruit Punch CBD Vape Juice


Chilled Fruit Punch CBD Vape Juice

250, 500, 1,000 or 1,500 mg Strength

30 mL Unicorn Bottle

THC-Free CBD Isolate Base


About Avida Chilled Fruit Punch CBD Vape Juice

Avida Chilled Fruit Punch CBD Vape Juice is a THC Free CBD E-Liquid made with CBD Isolate and a Chilled Fruit Punch flavor that delivers a cool vapor experience packed with pure CBD. This CBD vape juice delivers a flavor so distinct, yet difficult to describe. Full of Apples, Pineapples, Plums, Cherries and Guava this Fruit Punch CBD E-Liquid is a sweet, rich choice with a strong flavor and concentrated CBD.

Avida CBD is committed to building products that taste amazing, make you feel great, and help you reinvent themselves. The complexity of fruit punch pairs great with all of those different effects. Chilled Fruit Punch CBD E-Liquid features the sweet taste of pineapple and guava combined with the smooth vapor of Chilled Fruit Punch CBD Vape Juice. It’s a flavor of vape juice that tastes like a sports drink and is ideal for cooling down after a workout. Chilling, icey, and fruity all at the same time. A fresh combination which reminds you of a great day by the pool—or the perfect companion for an actual day at the pool. It’s sweet without being simple, complex without being overpowering. Avida worked hard to build a fruit punch flavor that feels natural and not synthetic and it’s paid off in this great CBD flavor.

Avida CBD Vape Juices are made from Non-GMO hemp plants grown in the United States. They feature all Non-GMO ingredients with a blend of Vegetable Glycerin & Propylene Glycol in a VG/PG ratio of 60/40 for an optimized formulation and ideal vape experience. All products are 3rd Party Lab Tested for safety, purity, and consistency. Utilizing 99% pure Cannabidiol (CBD Isolate) there is No THC Detected (Non-Detected *LOD 0.0180). The products contain no Vitamin E, heavy metals or nicotine.

Avida Chilled Fruit Punch CBD Vape Strengths

Avida Chilled Fruit Punch CBD Vape Juice contains Avida core CBD Isolate. 99% CBD Isolate contains no THC and is non-psychoactive, all verified by third party testing. Avida commits to rigorous third-party testing standards to verify the quality of their CBD ensuring there are no heavy metals and they take seriously the experiences of their customers. This CBD e-liquid comes in a 30mL unicorn dripper top bottle for easy filling in your favorite vape device. 

Strengths available include:

  • 250mg CBD – 8.3 mg per mL
  • 500mg CBD – 16.6 mg per mL
  • 1000mg CBD – 33.3 mg per mL
  • 1500mg CBD – 50 mg per mL

All Avida CBD products are produced and bottled in the United States.

About Avida CBD Vape Oil Products

Avida makes products that help people reinvent themselves. While their product is CBD, their true passion is people. CBD can be a powerful wellness supplement that helps people lead better lives and explore better versions of themselves. Every product Avida makes is optimized and built for that end. If you’re looking for the next partner for the next stage of wellness in your life, give Avida a try!

Suggested Usage

This CBD e-liquid does not require a special vape device or wattage. It can be vaped in a dripper or tank vape setup like you would with your favorite nicotine e-liquid. Avida recommends storing their CBD vape products in a cool, dry place.


Cannabidiol (CBD), Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Natural & Artificial Flavoring

Additional information


Avida CBD

Strength / Concentration

250 mg (8.3 mg / mL), 500 mg (16.6 mg / mL), 1,000 mg (33.3 mg / mL), 1,500 mg (50 mg / mL)


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