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Soul Addict Holy Cacao CBD Hemp Butter a high vibrational chocolate, with benefits. This vegan CBD Chocolate Hemp Butter features zen-inducing raw cacao chocolate along with full-spectrum hemp derived CBD, coconut manna, and hemp seed oil. The next level of CBD Edibles.


This true raw, small batch dark chocolate is the perfect way to add calm to your daily wellness ritual or an indulgent treat for bliss. Raw cacao chocolate known for it’s mood-elevating aphrodisiac properties combines with full-spectrum whole-plant hemp sourced CBD, coconut manna from pureed raw coconut meat all emulsified with organic, virgin hemp seed oil.


Each 4 oz jar contains 100+ mg of CBD and can used day or night, added to your favorite teas, high vibe smoothies, dipped or drizzle on fruit, in tonics & frothy lattes, raw recipes- or simply take 1/2 tablespoon a day straight from the jar. Approximately 7 mg of CBD per serving. Holy Cacao Butter can be used solid, or through activating the chocolate by melting + stirring in the jar


Activating helps ensure ingredients are incorporated as CBD’s beauty fats (i.e. ‘good fats’ to us) can rise to the top + raw chocolate can separate ingredients. To do this simply heat about a cup of water (*before boiling, do not boil water), pour heated water in a small bowl, place Holy Cacao Butter jar in the bowl and allow to sit for 5-10 minutes. Because Holy Cacao Butter is a true 100% raw chocolate, Soul Addict does not advise heating in microwaves or on a stovetop.


The goal at Soul Addict is to empower your wellness journey through the love they deliver with the brand’s hemp products and commitment to help propel and re-shift the conversation surrounding plant based remedies. The new age hemp wellness brand aims to help women find their inner calm, chills bliss through the plant magic of USA farmed hemp CBD products.


As the movement for natural remedies expands, Soul Addict hopes to inspire people to learn about the power of nature, the importance of education in learning more about food source and the overall health of the Earth and how this begins to feed and conspire a greater inner-dialogue and consciousness of empowering our journey to wellness and higher health.


Ingredients:100% Raw Cacao Chocolate, Coconut Manna, Cannabinoid-Rich CO2 Hemp Extract, Organic, Virgin Hemp Seed Oil.

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