The mission at Terphouse Inc. is to provide world class solvent free medicated oils and rosin, dynamically paired with the World’s most convenient smoking and vaping solutions; Resulting in a pure, lab-tested, potent and enjoyable product that is convenient and accessible to all.

TerpHouse pure organic medicated oil is refined to the highest industry standards and enhanced with medical grade terpenes to provide strain specific effects for relief.

Founded in 2016 in Riverside, California; Terphouse Inc. is quickly becoming the Cannabis and 710 Community’s most trusted source for potency, reliability and convenience. The founders of Terphouse often refer to the company being born from necessity. Patient’s seemed to be searching for a convenient device, which would allow them to stay medicated during business hours, on the go with family, or out with co-workers. There weren’t many solutions available that were discreet, deemed safe by patient standards, or retained a significant level of potency for relief. From this need, the Terphouse Disposable Vapor Pen was born.

In addition to World Class solvent-less oils and higher potency levels than industry competitors, Terphouse Inc. has also made it our mission to provide a focus on the consumer providing reliable-convenient devices, and reasonable retail price points. In addition to this, great care has been taken by our team of experts queuing in on the wants and needs of patients and Distributors alike.

Great Customer service isn’t something you often find in today’s corporate world, however, Terphouse has focused on Customer Service, filling orders and inquiries within a 24 hour time frame, and providing answers to questions regarding our products with the same care one might expect from a physician. We take our medicine seriously, and would hope you would do the same.

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