Stony Hill CBD


A Damian Marley Brand


Stony Hill CBD is a premium Hemp CBD brand founded by Grammy award-winning musician Damian Marley. Marley is the youngest son of the late Bob Marley. Damian is not just a celebrity endorser he personally helped develop and test the brand’s namesake and signature, Stony Hill, which is also the name of his fourth album released in 2017. 


Damian Marley’s Stony Hill Corp. is a diversified company focused on multiple areas of the cannabis, hemp and CBD industry. Stony Hill is focused on select investment, branding, real estate, and partnership opportunities in the recreational, health and wellness, nutraceutical, and media industries.


Current portfolio investments include a stake in marijuana media giant High Times Holdings, Israeli cannabis testing lab Cannabi-Tech, and more. As the health sector continues to broadly accept the therapeutic properties of hemp and cannabis, Stony Hill is working closely with doctors, scientists and industry advocates to educate the general public about the healing benefits of cannabis.

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CBD Oil Solutions carries the full range of the Stony Hill CBD product line including the brand’s Essential Dropz CBD Tincture, Blood Orange CBD Topical Lotion, Daytime and Nighttime CBD Gummies, CBD Capsules in both Full Spectrum and Isolate options as well as the brand’s CBD Vape Pen.