What Is a CBD Massage Like
A Dose of Dominique

What Is a CBD Massage Like?

I just had my second ever CBD massage — an 80 minute deep tissue one at that. My Burke Williams membership (a crucial part of my mental health routine) just got 100 times better thanks to this new offering on the menu. Have you had one before? If not, you might be asking some (very […]

Ditching Booze - CBD Is a Much Healthier Liquid Courage
A Dose of Dominique

CBD Instead of Alcohol – The Benefits

Sober curious and sober chic are the buzzwords du jour, and for good reason. Considering CBD instead of alcohol? Cutting back on alcohol consumption helps eliminate healthy calories, reduces the impact on your liver, improves your immune and organ function, clears skin, and boosts mood and energy (see ya, depression). Should you try CBD? Let’s […]

Different Types of CBD Full-Spectrum, Broad-Spectrum, and Isolate Which Do You Choose
A Dose of Dominique

How To Choose Different Types of CBD

When you’re looking at a new CBD product, whether it’s a CBD Tincture or CBD Gummies you might notice new words and many different types of CBD like “broad-spectrum,” or “isolate.” But what do they mean? What’s the difference? Let’s take a look at the options you have, to see what might work best for you. […]

Is Eastern or Western Medicine Better
A Dose of Dominique

Is Eastern or Western Medicine Better?

Is Eastern or Western Medicine Better? Your Flu Vaccine and Healing Crystals Aren’t Mutually Exclusive Is there anything quite as politicized (besides, you know, actual politics) as your health? Think of the fierce debate among anti-vaxxers and those who are pro-vaccine; or perhaps those who are for or against breastfeeding. Then there’s keto dieters vs. […]

New CBDfx CBG & CBDistillery CBG Oil Tinctures Available
Product News

New CBDfx CBG & CBDistillery CBG Oil Tinctures Available

We are excited to announce the launch of not one but two amazing new CBG Tinctures! Tinctures have always been a great way to add CBD into your wellness routine and these new CBG (Cannabigerol) formulations are adding new cannabinoids into the mix! CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of over 100 compounds found in the cannabis […]

How Can CBD Improve Your Fitness Routine
A Dose of Dominique

How Can CBD Improve Your Fitness Routine?

If you find yourself asking “how does CBD help fitness?” you’ll be happy to know that CBD and fitness go hand in hand much more seamlessly than you might think. After all, CBD is excellent for recovery, and recovery is an integral part of anyone’s exercise regimen — no exceptions. That said, there are three […]

what is CBG Cannabigerol
A Dose of Dominique

What Is CBG? CBD’s Parent Compound Packs a Punch

So by now you’re well, well aware of CBD and all it’s incredible pharmacological uses. From remedying anxiety to helping people addicted to opioid pain relief safely transition into something healthier, anecdotes in the news, personal stories, and science journals alike are all singing the praises of this cannabis-based medicine. But CBD’s not the only cannabinoid […]

Should You Try CBD
A Dose of Dominique

Should You Try CBD? Let’s Take a Look

A lot of people are asking the same question right now: “Should I try CBD?” Our global culture is going through a particularly stressful time right now (thanks for nothing, coronavirus), and CBD is clinically proven to be an anxiolytic (read: anxiety relieving medication). But will it work for you? Let’s look at some factors. […]

A Dose of Dominique

Is There Any CBD in Your Cannabis Beauty Products?

Listen, I’m all about some CBD beauty products. When CBD extract or distillate is mixed into products like CBDfx’s CBD face serum, you can see some seriously powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-redness results. And because they’re powerful antioxidants, cannabis-derived beauty products have the potential to be protective and anti-aging! But here’s the deal, a lot of beauty brands are jumping […]

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